The Royal Children’s Hospital Specialist Immunisation Clinic (RCH SIC)

The Royal Children’s Hospital
50 Flemington Rd
Parkville Victoria 3052


For parents:

The clinic operates every Tuesday morning between 9am and 12 noon.

For providers:

The RCH SIC telephone advisory service runs Monday to Friday (9am to 4:30pm); call 1300 882 924

What are the indications for referral to RCH SIC?
  • Complex medical conditions or impaired immunity (for example, undergoing chemotherapy).
  • History of adverse event following immunisation (AEFI).
  • Under-immunised child requiring a complex catch-up schedule.
  • Needle-phobia where strategies for immunisation in primary care have failed.
  • Parent seeking modified vaccination schedule due to concerns about immunisation.
  • Complex or extensive concerns about immunisation that cannot be addressed in primary care.
What can RCH SIC referral offer parents?
  • Up-to-date detailed information and scientific literature on immunisation.
  • Extended consultations with immunisation specialists (paediatrician and/or nurse practitioners) to discuss concerns about immunisation.
  • Online video-conferencing or telephone consultations for parents outside the Sydney metro area.
  • Follow-up consultations as required.
  • Tailored catch-up schedule for under-immunised children.
  • Specialist support for children with special needs or needle-phobia.
  • Vaccination under sedation (subject to medical evaluation).
  • Supervised vaccination for children with complex medical conditions, for example children who are immunosuppressed, receiving chemotherapy, or have a history of anaphylaxis associated with vaccination.
  • Advice about modified immunisation schedules.
  • Advice about eligibility for medical exemption.
  • Bulk-billing for Medicare eligible patients.
How do I refer a parent to RCH SIC?
  • Discuss purpose of RCH SIC consultation and expertise of the medical staff.
  • Offer referral if appropriate.
  • Complete RCH Specialist Clinics referral form. Referrals must be typed (not handwritten) and all fields must be completed. 
What do parents need to take to the RCH SIC?
  • Child’s Medicare card.
  • Child’s Personal Health Record (Green Book).
What services does RCH SIC offer for providers?

Telephone advisory service Mon to Fri (9am to 4:30pm): 1300 882 924.