New South Wales

New South Wales Immunisation Specialist Service (NSWISS) 

Outpatients Department 
The Children’s Hospital at Westmead
Cnr Hawkesbury Rd and Hainsworth St
Westmead NSW 2145


For parents:

The clinic operates every Friday morning between 9am and 12 noon.

For providers:

The NSWISS telephone advisory service runs Monday to Friday (9am to 5pm): call 1800 NSWISS (1800 679 477).

More information about the NSWISS is available on the website of the National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (NCIRS). 


What are the indications for referral to NSWISS?
  • Complex medical conditions or impaired immunity (for example, undergoing chemotherapy).
  • History of adverse event following immunisation (AEFI).
  • Under-immunised child requiring a complex catch-up schedule.
  • Needle-phobia where strategies for immunisation in primary care have failed.
  • Parent seeking modified vaccination schedule due to concerns about immunisation.
  • Complex or extensive concerns about immunisation that cannot be addressed in primary care.
What can NSWISS referral offer parents?
  • Up-to-date detailed information and scientific literature on immunisation.
  • In-depth, extended consultations with immunisation specialists (Clinical Nurse Consultant and/or Paediatrician) to discuss the benefits and risks of immunisation.
  • Discussion of alternative vaccination schedules (delayed or selective), according to the recommended NSW schedule.
  • Advice about whether their child qualifies for a medical exemption and why or why not.
  • Specialist support for children with special needs or needle-phobia.
  • Vaccination under sedation (subject to medical evaluation).
  • Supervised vaccination for children with complex medical conditions, for example children who are immunosuppressed, receiving chemotherapy, or have a history of anaphylaxis associated with vaccination.
  • Follow-up consultations as required.
  • Tailored catch-up schedule for under-immunised children.
  • Online video-conferencing or telephone consultations for parents outside the Sydney metro area.
How do I refer a parent to NSWISS?
  • Discuss purpose of NSWISS consultation and qualifications of the medical staff.
  • Offer referral if appropriate.
  • Address referral to Associate Professor Nicholas Wood, Immunisation Specialist Clinic, Children’s Hospital at Westmead.
  • Send the referral either:
What do parents need to take to the NSWISS?
  • Referral letter.
  • Child’s Medicare card.
  • Child’s Personal Health Record (Blue Book).
What services does NSWISS offer for providers?

Telephone advisory service Mon to Fri (9am to 5pm): 1800 NSWISS (1800 679 477).